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Quality policy


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AD nemetali "Ograzden, str.Marshal Tito No.239 Strumica, Macedonia


About Us

Nemetali “Ograzden” was established in 1955 in Strumica as mining organization with a simple name “Rudnik”.

The establishment base for the mine was the disposable resources spread on the terrains of Ograzden Mountain that was hiding a lot of undiscovered and unexplored mineral resources and was a challenge for improvement of the technological processes and construction of new capacities necessary for further development of the organization.

Today, Nemetali “Ograzden” functions as stock company and it’s been directed for 50 years towards strong determination for further conquering of the market for permanent improvement of its products and services’ quality.

Up today functioning and working of the company is based on clearly built strategy that moves towards conduction of the business activity with integrity and honesty, obtaining conditions for professional development and progress of the employees as well as having activities for obtaining maximum security for the employees and the environment protection.

The basic activity of the company is exploitation, production and sales of the own products for the needs of the chemical, glass industry, the pharmaceutical, china and construction industry.

Besides the main activity the company has gross and retail trade and forwarding services.


  • Functionality and efficiency on all working levels in the company  
  • Complete dedication to the customers and satisfaction of their needs and requests
  • On time realization of the determined duties and tasks in whose focus the customer is always as well as the attitude to the price, product quality and distribution.
  • Implementation of ISO 9001-2008 quality system, where the employees from all the levels are actively involved which gives permanent improvement to the products and services’ quality.
  • The quality as synonym for recognition of “Ograzden”
  • Obtaining top quality products and profit as a condition for further growth and development
  • Environmental protection